"One" is a thirty something caucasian male of English birth, Asian residency, mixed politics, a strong social conscience & an arguably overly opinionated mind. A champagne socialist, armchair environmentalist and an ardent future activist to a wonderful cause as yet unknown. Married to a gorgeous Floridian belle, Father of an amazing 12 year old daughter and a beautiful half English, half Welsh, half Scottish, quarter part Irish American made in Singapore boy.

As a product of some interesting genetics, untold maternal sacrifice and much good fortune the ramblings that follow may prove either of interest or objection to the casual reader. Sometimes I write often, sometimes not often at all but when and if I do in future I truly look forward to sharing my perspective through this new window with the world.

Friday, April 27, 2012

I need to write more...

I’m not having a great month… Yes Chelsea have performed miracles and battled their way to both the FA cup and Champions league finals, Yes my children are happy, beautiful and thankfully healthy & Yes my wife is gorgeous and sexy but still the last 27 days have been, well lets just say draining… I was moaning about this and other senseless matters to a bored colleague earlier who to lighten my mire pointed out that that in 1976 Apple co-founder (and by the by the drawer of the original Apple Logo) Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple to Steve Jobs for 800 bucks....  now worth $58,065,210,000.. Human emotion truly is a scary thing as I now feel just a little bit better....  Note to self, start blogging again.