"One" is a thirty something caucasian male of English birth, Asian residency, mixed politics, a strong social conscience & an arguably overly opinionated mind. A champagne socialist, armchair environmentalist and an ardent future activist to a wonderful cause as yet unknown. Married to a gorgeous Floridian belle, Father of an amazing 12 year old daughter and a beautiful half English, half Welsh, half Scottish, quarter part Irish American made in Singapore boy.

As a product of some interesting genetics, untold maternal sacrifice and much good fortune the ramblings that follow may prove either of interest or objection to the casual reader. Sometimes I write often, sometimes not often at all but when and if I do in future I truly look forward to sharing my perspective through this new window with the world.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Forgive me father...

Forgive me father for I have sinned, its been eight months since my last post and for my silence of late I’m truly sorry.

My absence I’m happy to report has nothing to do with ill health, nothing to do with a lack of mystifying world events on which to opine and thankfully everything to do with an incredible now one year old boy and my recent marriage to his stunningly beautiful mother. Our recent nuptials, moving into our new home and a busy start to the working year all seem of late to have sucked my free time however now I’m back from the beach, back from enjoying my amazingly wonderful daughter and back from spending such precious moments with the rest of my normally fractured family I hope to put pen back to paper and post, if only for myself, on a slightly more frequent basis moving forward.

Its good to be back, its great to be me, many thanks and blessings to all x

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